There & Five Axis Mini Traverse Robot

There & Five Axis Mini Traverse Robot

Key Specifications / Features

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There & Five Axis Mini Traverse Robot Manufacturer: Mini There or Five Axis Traverse Robots for 50-150 Tons Horizontal Injection Molding Machines.

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Detail Information

Runma there/five-axis mini traverse robot

Model: RQ700IDS3/S5, RQ700WDS3/S5


1. Large full servo traverse robot, these series are mainly applied to 50-150T horizontal injection molding machines to take out the finished product.
2. Telescopic/None telescopic arms are optional.
3. Vertical, crosswise and traverse strokes are driven by an AC servo motor.
4. Low noise THK (JP) or PMI (Taiwan) linear guideway is used to guarantee quiet and stable movement.
5. The complete set includes standard accessories.
6. Small installation size to fit limited factory height.

Features: Factory price robot, mini robot, three-axis robot, cartesian robot, Three-axis and five-axis robot, normal speed, stack and insert function, hot selling.

Main Specifications
Model Applied to IMM Stoke/mm Drive mode Max Payload
(including EoAT)
Time(seconds) Net weight
Vertical stroke
Crosswise stroke
Traverse stroke
Dry cycle time
RQ700IDS3/S5 50-150T 700 Main arm:300
Auxiliary arm:120
1300 X、Y、Z-
AC servo Motor
3kgs 1.3 7-9 180
RQ700WDS3/S5 50-150T 700 1300 3kgs 1.3 6-8 190



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